Stop Hate

To start off I have decided to write this because the other day my daughter said she hated someone.  I was appalled to hear this!  I have tried to teach my children never to use that word hate, as it is a heinous word and a very strong word.

In understanding the definition it has the word dislike in it and can seem a bit unharmful.  But intense is the word to focus on.  Hatred is not something a person is born with, it is something that is learned.  Again see my reason to be appalled by my child, we do NOT use that word for expression in my household.  I do not teach my kids to hate anyone or anything.

I believe most people do not see the harm a simple word can do.  I also believe even the oldest of old could never comprehend the meaning of hate.  I have been through many bad points in my life, but through thee worst I still can never get myself to say I hate the people that did the things they did to me.

Hate is a word that get thrown around very nonchalant which makes this world a bit screwed up in my opinion.

I have seen the biggest and strongest people fall with just a simple word.  It can burn into a person like a fiery pick.  And yet again it all goes back to my fight against verbal abuse.

Keep the hate down and fight to show the way of a child and our owners of our future to not spread the disease of such a pitiful and useless word or feeling.


DAY 7: STOP verbal/emotional abuse

So today sadly is day 7 of my fight and awareness on verbal/emotional abuse, though my blog might not have much on it from here on out on it, but my fight against abuse still will be strong. I will continue to fight and be vocal about it!
So keep any eye out.  I am trying to build an awareness campaign so I will keep it all posted her also. So lets get started with today.
  1.   Criticizing them.
  2. Giving them the silent treatment.
  3. Disrespect
  4. Failing to give them real explanations. Giving non-explanations such as “because it is wrong” or “because it is inappropriate” or “because it is a sin”
I am not putting examples today as I hope all that have followed get the understanding and how harsh verbal/emotional abuse can be and it must be stopped and people made aware of.

DAY 6: STOP verbal/emotional abuse

Sorry so late my computer was updating so it was out of commission for a day.  But her is day 6 on the fight against verbal/emotional abuse.  I’m going to make this one a bit short as I have to get kiddos to bed and myself for an early day tomorrow.
  1. Judging or rejecting their friends—labeling them and you
  2. Using punishments and rewards to manipulate and control them.
  3. Invading their privacy.
  4. Under-estimating them.
Examples:  Mother commented on social media on a picture of son’s girlfriend and called her a lipstick whore.
Mother comments to other sibling that older sibling hangs around druggies, and she has never met them.
Mother is being ignored by step-daughter after making snide comments and mother then calls daughter and tells her she will fix her motorcycle or four-wheeler just for her and take her places till the daughter agrees and never follows through.
Mother bribes son by telling him she will give him money every paycheck after he has refused to talk to her since she told him he was a disappointment to get him to talk to her.
Mother reads daughters text messages, goes through phone calls, goes through tablets and interrogates because she doesn’t trust the child and what the child does.
This is not the way a child or any person should be treated.  And I say again and again, help fight against verbal/emotional abuse.  NOBODY deserves to be the doormat.

DAY 5: Stop verbal/emotional abuse

Sorry that day 5 came so late, this weekend was a doozy with camping in back yard with kids and their friends…was a good time with dancing and karaoke all night long then family birthday parties…whoa!! long weekend!.

So here is day 5 in my fight against verbal/emotional abuse.

  1. Invalidating their feelings.
  2. Laying undeserved guilt on them.
  3. Dominating the conversations.
  4. Refusing to apologize.
  5. Always needing to have the last word.

Examples:  My step-daughter was in tears one night when her mother called on her cell phone and didn’t even take a moment to speak to her, instead asked for my step-son.  When my step-son pushed the phone upon her and her mother asked why she was crying she said “well because you haven’t even talked to me or tried in a while and you called my phone and didn’t even take time for me.”  Mother responded with “Well it is you Alyssa.  It’s not me, you are the one that seems to be busy with sports and your other family you don’t want to take time for me, so why should I take the time if you can’t!”  Step-daughter apologized for being busy.  I know this one seems harmless, but as a parent it is no the child’s place to put the effort first.  Instead of apologizing for making her feel the way she did she put the blame on my step-daughter.

Dominating several conversation and having last word happens all the time with my step-kids.  Mother gets mad and she continues to text and text and text.  She even does this to my other half.  If she doesn’t like the answer or things don’t go her way she tends to continue for an hour or two with ugly comments to him such as, “your such a bad dad” “Oh great parenting” “your wife trying to be a good mother again when you know she can’t, I’m their only mom.” then it continues for hours, sad thing is that our 8 year old sees the messages because that’s the phone she calls him on and it saddens him and angers him.

If you read day 4 blog you will see the person never apologizes and that’s just one of many times.

So till tomorrow keep up the fight against verbal/emotional abuse.

Day 3: STOP verbal/emotional abuse

Ok so day is day 3 on the fight against verbal/emotional abuse.

Today I am a bit sad for my older step-son, he broke my heart.  Even though he didn’t say much about the situation his facial expression and silence made a huge impact on my heart.

Example:  So today my example is paraphrasing from a conversation between him and his biological mother; due to his silence.

A few weeks back she told him he was a disappointment and elaborated on it, so today after him no speaking to her he showed me text conversation between them.  He reiterated to her how she told him he was a disappointment and she never once apologized or took back.  All she did was tell him in a nut shell that what she tells him is true and if the truth hurts he needs to change his ways and suck it up.  She also told him she tells him things because of things she hears about him and that it must be truth if others are speaking of it.

Now let me tell you a bit of my step-son:  he is an amazingly smart kid on his way to a big university in which he earned on his own and graduated as high school senior with honors.  He works two jobs, plays soccer for pleasure, and is going and has played soccer for school (he is great at it).  He also is an average teenager that likes to have fun but never gets in trouble as he know what he wants his life to be like.

So tell me does that seem like a disappointment to you?

  1. Yelling and screaming at you.
  2. Intentionally embarrassing you in public.
  3. Using online communities or cell phones to control, intimidate or humiliate you.
  4. Blaming your actions for their unhealthy behavior. Placing undeserved blame on them.

Again I ask, please help with my fight against verbal/emotional abuse!!! Pass it on, nobody should be put down and kicked.

Day 2: STOP verbal/emotional abuse

Day 2 of my fight against verbal/emotional abuse

What is verbal abuse?

Verbal abuse is the excessive use of language to undermine someone’s dignity and security through insults or humiliation, in a sudden or repeated manner. The behavior of an emotionally abusive parent or caregiver does not support a child’s healthy development and well-being-instead, it creates an environment of fear, hostility, or anxiety. A child is sensitive to the feeling, opinions, and actions of his or her parents.

Nobody should have to feel that way, especially a child.  I stand tall as I try to spread the word to let people be aware of what words can do.

  1. Using sarcasm. Making a mocking remark
  2. Make fun of Physical Imperfections (things you can’t change), Body size or shape, the way you stand
  3. Discourage Exploration and Learning
  4. Put down when wanting to learn new things
  5. Ridicule free expression of child’s delight
  6. Told not to try things new

Examples:  “My mom told my other siblings that I need to act more like a girl, that I’m too boyish and it hurt my feelings.”

“Why would you want to be a firefighter that’s a man’s job not a place for a girl”

“How come your playing baseball when you should be playing soccer instead”

Here are a few more to keep you ware of what can hurt, children should be supported for their talents and differences not put down for not being the way you want them to be.

STOP Verbal/Emotional Abuse

Today I start my week fight and recognition of verbal/emotional abuse.  I have chosen this topic because it hits close to home.  As I am a survivor of abuse of all sorts and one was verbal/emotional abuse.  Now that I have overcome all my battles I have to stand silent as I am a step-mom of 3 great kids, as we have custody of them, that endure the abuse from their mother almost weekly/monthly.

It breaks my heart every time I have to hear them endure it, and I can do nothing.  I breaks me even more when this person gets away with it because “she is their birth mom”, “she’s the adult”, “she’s a female”, “she’s always been that way it’s what everybody expects of her”, and also “she’s just upset”. NONE of those excuses make it right!!!!

During this next week for so I will post types of verbal/emotional abuse and some examples, now let’s begin:

  1. Name-calling, belittling, swearing, insulting. Calling you names and putting you down.
  2. Rejecting or threatening with abandonment. Threatening to commit suicide. Threatening them specifically with rejection or abandonment.
  3. Threatening bodily harm. Even if you don’t act on violent threats, they may make your child fear and distrust you.
  4. Scapegoating or blaming.

Example:  “I’m going to kill myself if I can’t have you” “I’m going to kill myself if you don’t talk to me anymore”

“I’m going to shoot your father, he will get what he deserves!” “since you can’t control her stupidity now someone else will” (this is about a girlfriend)

“You are such a disappointment”

So help me spread the word and STOP verbal/emotional abuse and help me help others educate those who are going thru it all.  NOBODY deserves to be treated like a doormat for someone else’s insecurities and anger to make themselves feel better.