It has been a long time since i have blogged. I figured it was time. I had to take a moment and gather my life. It has been a wild ride with going back to school, but worth every minute. I am thoroughly enjoying my classes and i love learning everyday.

I wish i could have appreciated it more earlier in my life, but it’s never too late


Is Blood really Thicker than Water?

blood is thicker than water


  1. proverb
    relationships and loyalties within a family are the strongest and most important ones.
Funny how people think blood/biological family is closer than the rest of the world.  I would like to disagree.  In the past few years and frankly in my entire life, I have grown to find out untrue.  In the next few paragraphs I will elaborate why.
1)  I have seen my youngest daughter struggle when pushed aside from her biological dad for many years without even batting an eye.  But yet my husband now has taken her in and would put her before himself.
2) I have seen my step-children be verbal abused and emotionally manipulated by the mother that borne them, but yet I help them everyday to be strong and be the best they can be.  As my husband I will put them before myself.
3) My cousin has gone and left his wife, but I for sure am closer to her than my cousin and proud and will argue with anyone if they disagree she is my cousin.  I have her back and she has mine and she is my best friend.
4)My best friend since high school is like my sister also.  She is the one I would run too like my cousin to cry on her shoulder to help, because that is the support she gives me.  I would choose her before a lot of my family.
5) My father has remarried I guess that’s what he calls it, and how chosen to push us aside a lot for this woman who hates the fact that he has blood family.  It is sad but true.
I know some of these might seem petty to some but this is my life and these people that have no blood in their veins as mine are the one I would choose over and over again to keep my life afloat and happy.
So blood is not thicker than water, and by god is anyone disagrees than the only water I want is the murky dirty thick water because that is defiantly thicker than blood.

Life whirlwind

This week has been a whirlwind of emotion.
1)stress…financial n life in general
2) Exciting….I got my text books for school after 11 years and my son going yo college
3) Saddness…dropped of soon at Hardin-Simmons and it was do sad to drive away to let him grow up
4) Anger and upset…that darn verbal abuse from step-kid mother to the point my daughter was in tears…

So there goes im still trying to get my campaign up and running, i have not forgotten

It’s a whirlwind and we continue to push through

Hello world!

This is my very first post. I am very new to this, but I figured why not give it a try.  I am hoping to be able to give a bit of insight of things I learn daily and things I already have learned.  Maybe help a little or rant a little, not quite sure, but I’m going to do my best. 🙂