Stop Hate

To start off I have decided to write this because the other day my daughter said she hated someone.  I was appalled to hear this!  I have tried to teach my children never to use that word hate, as it is a heinous word and a very strong word.

In understanding the definition it has the word dislike in it and can seem a bit unharmful.  But intense is the word to focus on.  Hatred is not something a person is born with, it is something that is learned.  Again see my reason to be appalled by my child, we do NOT use that word for expression in my household.  I do not teach my kids to hate anyone or anything.

I believe most people do not see the harm a simple word can do.  I also believe even the oldest of old could never comprehend the meaning of hate.  I have been through many bad points in my life, but through thee worst I still can never get myself to say I hate the people that did the things they did to me.

Hate is a word that get thrown around very nonchalant which makes this world a bit screwed up in my opinion.

I have seen the biggest and strongest people fall with just a simple word.  It can burn into a person like a fiery pick.  And yet again it all goes back to my fight against verbal abuse.

Keep the hate down and fight to show the way of a child and our owners of our future to not spread the disease of such a pitiful and useless word or feeling.


Fist Day of School

The entire family went back to school today, including me.  I see how my kids get nervous.  After 11 years and going back is nerve wrecking.

Stress and anxiety builds up, hands get clammy, stomach in knots….then you get in class and see either familiar faces or at least new friendly faces and all calms down.

The worries of are you going to be liked, are you going to be successful in the school year, am I going to be able to do the work, and am I going to stay me.  People this is the way of the world and the way of the world can suck and make you pull your hair out, even school.

But to all who have made it to school safely and are enduring the goods and bads I commend you and have a great school year.